Fractional Ownership

Tokenized assets enable previously illiquid assets to become more liquid

Cost Reduction

Tokenized assets often enjoy reduced listing, legal, valuation and auditing fees

Rapid Settlement

Transfer of ownership can often be settled within minutes

Fundraise with our Tokenization Technology

Proven Security Token templates streamline the process of capital raising to allow faster time to market. Built-in programmatic ownership restrictions, you can sell private securities to a global pool of investors while allowing a liquid secondary market to develop.

  • All token templates verified by third-party security experts
  • Programmed regulatory compliance

Effortless Token lifecycle Management

From token creation to the management of investor relations, we provide a one-stop solution for your company to continuously manage its tokens throughout the lifecycle.

  • Continuous cap table management and reporting
  • Automated proceeds distributions

Interact with your Security Token in Real-time

Our Issuance Platform interface grants issuers and transfer agents the power to interact with smart contracts in real-time. This ensures token ownerships and transfers will be compliant. All done on the blockchain level, interaction includes:

  • Token transfers
  • Token minting and burning
  • Pause or resume all token transactions

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